Creative sewing project

Make a Blort, Hug a Blort

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For teachers and parents tackling remote learning, this is a creative sewing project, a GIFT for you and your kids. After making one or more Blorts, kids can dream up stories about them. It’s ageless, but 2nd-graders are the perfect age to welcome Blorts into their lives.

Make a Blort Cover ON site
Download me!

Storytelling Hints: Learn about Blorts and other characters on this site and visit often to discover more. Things change around here, but that is the way of the Blort.

You can Ask a Blort a question. The more you know about Blorts, the better you can interact with them.

Get Started

Download these Make a Blort Directions for everything you need to know to sew (or glue) a Blort. Tools you’ll need are a sewing machine, fabric (even old clothing or a blanket), poly-fil stuffing (new or from an old pillow), plastic safety eyes, scissors, pins, a needle, and thread. 

Imagine sitting with your child or student, teaching them how to sew, seeing their faces when they complete their Blort, and all the comfort and happiness that comes with hugging their new friend. Picture classmates showing off their new Blorts remotely, and letting their imaginations stretch as they tell stories about them.

Show off your Blort 

Blorts are standing by to see the Blorts you made, but more on that later.

Meanwhile, rumors are that they’ll be a Gallery Showplace to show off their Blorts.

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