Hello Earth People!

Hey Hey!

On this blustery fall day, Blorts are snuggling in at Diana’s house. During the day, Diana takes them out to jump on her trampoline with her. And every night Blorts tell Diana another magical sci-fi fantasy story about Blort World, and she’s busy writing them all down. 

One such story tells about a Blort who finally gets her one chance to earn magic, but first she must cross the Blort World sea to find three Cowflys and three magic blooms that she must use or lose—all by sunset. Unbeknownst to Tazzle, the biggest known Grunt, Yelly, wants to gobble her up and steal her magic. 

Anyone wishing to speak with a Blort can send a note to Diana and she will give it to that Blort. And Blorts are always waiting to hear from Earth kids and their caretakers.

For those unfamiliar with Blorts, your luck just might be about to change.

Reach out to a Blort and stay tuned…

3 Comments on “Hello Earth People!

  1. Please ask Leggins if they want to Skate @ the roller rink that I am now teaching skating at in San Jose called Aloha?


  2. That is tempting. I’ll let Leggins know right away. But just know that he’s busy teaching a very special Blort how to skate and that may take some time. But not too long.


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