Blort World News!

Leggins and Tizz were seen skating through the Island of Sevens. Word is that these two award-winning athletes are heading to Leggins’ private skate pad to practice his new Box Step. It’s a new move fashioned in the rexxing style Leggins is well-known for, but instead of rolling around a large arena, the Box Step is rumored to be such a tight move that it can be performed in a flat 12 by 12 space.

With the Blort World Roller Games around the corner, Blorts from all the islands plan to participate. The first leg of the games will be held in the Outdoor Roller Rink on the Island of Sevens, followed by the acrobatic competition which will take place on Circus Island. We expect more Circus Blorts to enter the competition this year, mostly due to the new interest in extreme sports. 

Leggins and Tizz rolling through the Island of Sevens hills

To enter your pet Droppie in the Bouncing Competition portion of the games, you can sign them up by sending a video of your Droppie bouncing off of a Sevenberry Tree or a large rock. This is a fan favorite, and we welcome all Droppies, tame or wild.

Stay tuned for more on the exciting new games!

And remember, you can always Ask Blort a Question by clicking on the navigation bar above. Blorts are standing by…

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