Breaking Blort News

August 6, 2022Blorts from each of the seven islands and the entire Cloud Blort team in the sky gathered over the last week to discuss Earth travel. The most outspoken Blort, Drabble, and planetary Cloud Blort expert, Zillo, announced their decision to halt plans to visit planet Earth.

According to Drabble, “Planet Earth is in turmoil, and that’s something we Blorts must avoid.” He went on to say, “We will continue to observe Earth while re recalibrate our plans.”

Zillo gathered his team of Cloud Blorts to coordinate collecting information remotely about Earth. “We are tinkering with new technology that will allow our team to hover above Earth for a closer look at human life.”

This story is unfolding as Blorts continue to live their lives, such as these two Blorts getting exercise as they share apples that sprouted from seeds gathered eons ago on Earth.

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