The Creator


Diana grew up in Northern California in a large family where life was often in turmoil. Her disturbing experiences led her to dream again and again of a safe world where such things could not happen, and at age fourteen she began drawing, sewing, and sharing her comforting Blort World companions.

As the years passed, her exploration and love of Blorts and their world continued to steadily evolve. Decades have slipped by since the first Cloud Blort appeared to quietly offer Diana refuge. The simple planet they came from is now so lushly detailed and complex that it may rival your knowledge of earth. 


Some say that to appreciate Blort World is to appreciate the way life blessed Diana. Everything from being adopted to finding strength as a champion bodybuilder to making her fifteen month healing experience with chemotherapy and radiation as positive as possible.

Diana called upon Blorts to help her visualize her cancer away. Blorts danced with her blood cells, and sent cancer cells to Mars where they locked them behind bars.

Round Book

Later, she called upon her Blort World characters to help out in her funny diet book,  The Round Diet – Don’t be Round, eat Round.

“Visit my world,” Diana invites you, “a world full of whimsy, mystery, innocence, wisdom, hope, and danger.” 

Until four years ago, Diana worked at the cutting edge of computer publishing and graphics in Silicon Valley. During that time, she also created food and fitness videos to help the world take care of the bodies. She lives with her husband, three cats, five donkeys, and a pot-bellied pig. They keep her busy as she devotes herself to developing Blort World full time.

“I plan to work with a visionary to actualize my goals for Blort World,” says Diana. “If that person is you, well, you know how to get in touch with me.”

STAY TUNED: Tazzle’s Magical Day, is the first of many Blort World stories yet to be told. 

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