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Blort World News!

Leggins and Tizz were seen skating through the Island of Sevens. Word is that these two award-winning athletes are heading to Leggins’ private skate pad to practice his new Box Step. It’s a new move fashioned in the rexxing style Leggins is well-known for,… Continue Reading “Blort World News!”

Eat Like a Blort

Blorts eat food that is Round. The rounder the tastier and healthier. Blorts always suggest that you play with your food. Tossing fruit is one of their favorite pastimes. Some foods naturally grow in a round shape, on a tree, a vine, or in… Continue Reading “Eat Like a Blort”

Hello Earth People!

Hey Hey! On this blustery fall day, Blorts are snuggling in at Diana’s house. During the day, Diana takes them out to jump on her trampoline with her. And every night Blorts tell Diana another magical sci-fi fantasy story about Blort World, and she’s… Continue Reading “Hello Earth People!”

Blort Winner Picked!

Congrats to Charlotte! Charlotte is the proud winner of a handmade Blort. She chose the green one with bright pinkish tangerine hair. I will miss her, but I know Charlotte will give her a good home. And her new Blort is going to be… Continue Reading “Blort Winner Picked!”

New Video: Make a Blort

If you’re making a Blort and love videos, this one’s for you.

Creative sewing project

Make a Blort, Hug a Blort Remember to Follow Blort World to get the latest. For teachers and parents tackling remote learning, this is a creative sewing project, a GIFT for you and your kids. After making one or more Blorts, kids can dream up stories… Continue Reading “Creative sewing project”