Make A Blort

Make a Blort, Hug a Blort

Growing up, before Blorts came into her life, Diana rarely got hugs. But when she did, she held onto that feeling of comfort. When she made her first Blort, she remembers it was as if it looked back at her. She picked it up and hugged it. She felt a surge of happiness that stayed with her, even today. From that moment on, she wished all kids in need of a hug and some happiness had their own Blort. 

Over decades, she made mini Blorts, three foot tall Blorts, and every size in-between. The bigger they got, the harder she hugged them and the happier she felt. She gave them long hair, shaggy hair, and sometimes ears. But when she stuffed their lips, their smiles spread a warmth through her that told her everything was going to be okay. And, she no longer felt alone.

Creative Sewing Project- Remote or in School

Make a Blort Cover ON siteFor teachers and parents tackling remote learning, this creative sewing project is for you and your kids. After making one or more Blorts, kids can dream up stories about them. Any age will love, but 2nd-graders are the perfect age to welcome a Blort into their lives.

Get Started

Download these Make a Blort Directions for everything you need to know to sew (or glue) a Blort. Tools you’ll need are a sewing machine, fabric (even old clothing or a blanket), poly-fil stuffing (new or from an old pillow), plastic safety eyes, scissors, pins, a needle, and thread. 

Imagine sitting with your child or student, teaching them how to sew, seeing their faces when they complete their Blort, and all the comfort and happiness that comes with hugging their new friend. Picture your classmates showing off their new Blorts remotely, and letting their imaginations stretch as they tell a story about their new friend.

Watch: Make a Blort Video

Oh. It’s perfectly normal for your completed Blort to ask to be dressed up in leg warmers, fancy hairstyles, flowers in their hair, and a variety of hats. You’ll see how to make leg warmers in the directions.

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